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PX Tululah

agouti broken hooded dumbo female (preggo pic)

I feel very lucky to have Tululah(affectionately calle*Lulah*) here with me. She has been a great and enjoyable rat to have around. She was a great mother to her 2 litters and produced very wonderfull babies. This rat is extremely laid back and docile (specially for a female!). She never has any quarrels with any of the other girls(much like Lucy) . All around agreable girl. She is retired now after her 2nd liter born 11-2-04


BN Lionell
Silvered Fawn stnd ear Dumbo carrier

Lionell is a wonderfull and beautifull guy. He is a great companion to Tonbo at the time. He is very sweet but a little shy. He really enjoys eating lotsa peas and some rattamuffins from Cindy!! LOL



TO Legacy

page coming soon