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Blue hooded stnd female

PX Ruby

Beige rex dumbo female

Inu hangin from my hand

My beautifull Inuyasha was born In January '04 and cam to me that February from my wonderfull friend Nikki. Inu passed away at not much over a year old in March. He was my 1st dumbo and will always have a very special place in my heart. He was the best rat anyone could ever ask for. Inu was so sweet,smart, and licky......he always had time to listen to me when I needed something off my chest. I am forever changed because he came into my life. Thanx so much Nikki for this great boy. It's because of you I was able to have him for his short but happy life. I will always miss him and wish that I could have done something to prolong his short existence. But I know that were he is right now he can never hurt or suffer again. He left behind a wonderfull litter and his daughter , Satsuki, will carry on his legacy. Love you baby

click on his pic to see some of my fav photos of Inuyasha

BN Lex

Lex.... 2-5-04 to 2-7-04. He died right after his 1st birthday. That was a sad day indeed. Lex was a wonderful rat from Bella. He was always so sweet and squishy. He really enjoyed taking showers with me..much like Inu and really loved to eat people food. Quite the pig : ) I often think of him when hanging out with Lionell(his original cage mate). Lex did leave behind a wonderfull legacy in his litter with Songo. His sons remind me so much of him. Lex is missed very much and will never be forgotten. <3


Yura was a rescue that came to me in the late winter of '03. She was a very special girl. I placed her with Amber were she lived in total happiness till she passed away unexpectedly(we suspected she was old). This rat was the most beautiful,sweet, female ever. Yura was a pretty large girl too and never had problems with being thin after I got her(after she got back up to health from being in such poor conditions she was always a fatty). She is missed by more than one person.


Mide was a rescue girl that died not long after I received her. She was very tiny and stunted(hence the name *Midge*)...she was so skinny and had sooo many problems. Although I didnt get to know her very well I am sure she would have been a great ratty.


Larry(LarryBoy) was the one who started it all. He was the most gorgeous and sweetest agouti rex ever. Gosh I loved that rat. I got him from a petshop when he was already full-grown. The owners said he was a female tho LOL We determined otherwise after not too long. I had to beg and beg and beg for days to bring him home...I could anyone feed something so beautifull and friendly to a snake? He was my only rat for a long time....then, when he died I didnt get another rat(Inu) for about a year. There will never be another Larry. He used to free range in my room for hours and hours with me. We would sit on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn(his favorite treat besides chicken). RIP LarryBoy......My 1st rat <3