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Mother & daughter cream Americans

Hello, and welcome to my new webspace dedicated to the wonderfull critters that live here at Starburst!!!

My name is Sierra Robinson, I am a youth and live in North FL . I have been raising cavies for about 3 yrs now. It is so hard to beleive that this whole thing started with 1 abby mixbreed boy!!! It did not stay that way for long! I now am dedicated to raising and showing healthy, quality cavies, with good temperaments.

I do not forsee ever getting out of this wonderfull hobby. These wonderfull little creatures are surely the best thing that ever happened to me! I am also very lucky to know some wonderfull fanciers that helped me obtain quality stock to start with and were(and still are) there for me whenever I need them.

Be sure to check out my cute dumbo rats!!!

Thank you for being patient as I finish my new site!


bet you can't have just one!